Handed down from Father to Son in 1963, from Father to Daughter in 1999 and now Mother to Son guaranteed, looks like the future of Noran Bank Farm is in safe hands. Four generations on the farm has grown in size, still with the hefted herdwick sheep joined now with a flock of Chevoits and a herd of Aberdeen Angus Cross cattle. The farm is situated on the south end of Lake Ullswater, the loveliest of all the lakes, through the small village of Patterdale on the A592 and lies nestled under Arnison Crag overlooking Placefell with wonderful views up the valley towards Kirkstone Pass.

An ideal place to park your car and spend days walking the fells, Helvellyn, Roman Road along High Street, Fairfield, Dovedale and now our new walk The Ullswater Way to add to your belts. There's also mountain biking in all directions of the compass. There is so much to do and see in our beautiful Lakeland, don't just pass through, come and stay awhile to enjoy all we have to offer.